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VC193 - State of Emergency - (Covid Exemptions)

VC193 has introduced Clause 52.18 into the Victorian Planning Schemes which provides interim exemptions from planning permit for business (particularly hospitality) to assist in recovery from the impacts of Covid 19. We recommend businesses review 52.18 and discuss with Council their requirements. This appears to allow temporary establishment of outdoor dining and potentially extended dining hours/delivery schedules, without requirement to formally amend existing planning permits for the period as approved in Clause 52.18, subject to the requirements of Clause 52.18-7 being satisfied.

Consent of Council or Melbourne Water may be required in some situations (Bushfire Management Overlay, Land subject to Inundation, etc) but consent is different from planning permit and should be able to be obtained much easier.

These changes should assist the hospitality & other food & drink businesses in their economic recovery from Covid 19.

Posted: Wed 21 Oct 2020


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