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Unit Development Applications in the Neighbourhood Residential Zones (NRZ)

The original introduction of the Neighbourhood Residential Zones (NRZ) included a Number of Dwellings Restriction of 2 on a lot by default, unless otherwise stipulated in the schedule to the zone. The Planning Minister, Richard Wynne, has recently removed  this restriction from the wording of the NRZ zone together with other changes, that now enable development applications of 3 or more dwellings to potentially be considered within the NRZ zones. The new changes stipulate mandated minimum garden site coverage standards that development applications will need to comply with - these standards vary depending on the size of allotments being created.

Please note the changes relate to NRZ zone wording only - the changes haven't been made to individual schedules within the NRZ zone. Whilst most NRZ schedules didn't amend the original default limitation of 2 dwellings on a lot (now removed), where schedules have included a variant on the original default limitation, this variant wording will still apply. For example, some NRZ schedules applying in the Coldstream area contain a limitation of 1 dwelling per allotment under their NRZ Schedule - this will continue to apply, despite the mandated default provision having been removed from the Neighbourhood Residential Zone wording. In this situation, we would strongly recommend pre-application discussions be undertaken with Council.

Any dwelling restriction in the NRZ schedule doesn't apply to subdivision, so it may still be possible to subdivide first and then develop the vacant lots after the subdivision is completed, to accord with any dwelling limitation that may have been retained in the NRZ Scedule applicable to the property.

A combined subdivision/development application could also be considered by Council as the one application. We have recently been successful in having a combined subdivision/development permit approved by Shire of Yarra Ranges for 3 lots/3 units within the Neighbourhood Residential Zone - Schedule 2, which was previously affected by the 2 dwelling on a lot default limitation.

Should you wish to discuss what development options may be possible under the planning scheme for your property, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Posted: Mon 03 Apr 2017


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