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Your Property Development or Subdivision Project Starts with Us.

Land Purchases, Development & Subdivision projects which don't start with a quality detailed survey of the property, often result in significant complications later.

Thomas & George P/L Licensed Surveyors

and our qualified team of land surveying professionals, have the necessary qualifications, skills and expertise, to help your project and your property goals move forward on the right footing.

With knowledge, comes power!

Understanding the true location of title boundaries, easements and significant features that apply to your property, is not just an investment in the initial project, but provides you (the land owner) with accurate knowledge for the life cycle of your property ownership, empowering you with improved decision making.

The team here at Thomas & George P/L are here to help you achieve your property goals.

Please Contact our Lilydale Office on 03 9735 1338, if you think we can be of assistance to your property objectives.



Lilydale Ph : 03 9735 1338
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