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Title Surveys: The determination and marking on site of the location of title boundaries, comparison with existing fencing and the preparation of a "Record of Having Re-established a Cadastral Boundary Plan".

Feature & Level Surveys: The collection of the physical features existing on site to prepare a Feature Plan containing contours that can be used by Architects, Landscape Architects and/or Engineers to prepare their design. Also used for Site assessment in town planning applications.

Sample Site Analysis Plan (PDF)

Land Subdivisions: This involves the creation of new additional allotments within an existing property. Our team has experience in multi-lot urban developments, multi level developments, Owners Corporation Subdivisions (formerly Body Corporate), large rural farm subdivisions and subdivision of land in mountainous & densely vegetated terrain.

Boundary Re-Subdivisions: Also known as Boundary Realignment Subdivisions/Resubdivision. Many rural land holdings consist of multiple lot entitlements. It may be possible to rearrange the internal boundaries of these allotments to better suit the management of the property, regardless of what zoning lot area restrictions apply to the  property, provided no additional allotments or dwelling entitlements are being created.

Plan of Consolidation: A Plan of Consolidation creates a single allotment from mutiple existing allotments. Once consolidated & registered at Land Use Victoria, depending on the Zoning requirements applicable to the property, it might not be possible to ever re-subdivide to create the original lot entitlements that existed prior to consolidation of the parcels. Careful consideration & understanding should be undertaken prior to Consolidation so that you are fully aware of the implications of such decision.

Construction Set-Out: The setting out of building corners and/or grid lines for building construction, and the setting out of any other 3-dimensional civil works
(ie. road construction, Landscaping, earthworks, dam construction, etc.).

Adverse Possession / Amendment of Title Applications: Providing the field survey, preparation of land surveying documentation & reports necessary to accompany these applications for lodgement at Land Registry. The client's Lodging Party (solicitor/conveyancer) would typically manage the lodgement of the application with Land Use Victoria

Flood Level surveys: Determination of the effect of an existing Melbourne Water flood level on the subject property, or if no pre-existing flood level, provision of field survey to allow Melbourne Water to determine the appropriate flood level.

Vineyard Development  / Vineyard Management Plans: Surveying of the site to enable preparation of a Vineyard Design Plan or Vineyard Management Plan. The vineyard design Plan can then be forwarded to an Irrigation Consultant for the irrigation design. From the Vineyard Management Plan, we can calculate the vine row lengths, number of posts & vine plantings required for each section and/or row of the vineyard which provides an ongoing vineyard management tool and allows the pre-ordering of materials / root stock etc. We can also set-out the end rows & internal posts for the post contractors during the construction phase in consultation with their requirements (varies between contractors).

Town Planning Applications: Preparation of documentation to be submitted to Council for consideration of a Town Planning application & liaising with council & other authorities as part of the planning permit process.

VCAT Appeals: Preparation of submission documentation & representation on behalf of our clients at the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) in relation to town planning permit applications. We also have other consultants that we can recommend for utilisation as Expert Witness support in relation to such VCAT applications.

Easements - Creation, Removal, Variation : Preparation of plans & documentation (including town planning applications if required) for the creation, removal and/or variation of easements.

GPS Surveys: Land Surveys through the use of GPS to establish control networks and or feature surveys of the property, or for Construction Machinery GPS Guidance.



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