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Endorsed Plans, Approved Plans, Stamped Plans & Compliance

There is a subtle difference in these terms within the Planning, Development, Building Permit and subdivision processes, for which the lay person who is not familiar with these various processes can easily create confusion.

Endorsed Plans - These relate to the Planning Permit process. Planning applications that have proposed works needing planning permit approval, will have plans ENDORSED. The Endorsed Plans will form a critical component of the Planning Permit and these may be required as part of a Condition for Amended plans to be provided within the written planning permit. Secondary Consent application  may be required to Councito be lodged with Council for any design changes that relate to the Endorsed Plans. Works associated with the planning permit typically can't commence until any requirements for Endorsed Plans have been completed and these plans have been issued by Council.

Approved Plans - Part of the conditions of a planning permit may require additional plans to be submitted and approved by Council that didn't need consideration during the planning permit process. These plans are additional to any Endorsed Plans required by the planning permit. These plans may be for works critical to the development of the project, but for which planning permission wasn't required (ie Internal Drainage Plans). These plans will be submitted to Council by the relevant consultant (ie Civil Engineer) and once Council has APPROVED the plans, then construction of the works within the plans can commence on site.

Stamped Plans - Application for Building Permit will typically require provision of documentation and plans for your Building Surveyor to assess that the proposed construction satisfies the Building Regulations. Once satisfied, this documentation & plans are STAMPED by the Building Surveyor and the construction works onsite can then commence onsite in accord with the STAMPED Plans. Any changes from the stamped plans during construction would likely need approval from the Building Surveyor, and may require amendment of the Stamped Plans.

Certificate of Compliance / Compliance Letter - Some works within a Planning Permit or Building Permit may require a certficate from the relevant contractor with the appropriate technical qualifications who has undertken the works onsite to provide a Certificate Letter or Certificate of Compliance. An example of this is the Electrical Safety Certificate by the Electrician or Plumbing Compliance Certificate from the plumbing contractor.

Statement of Compliance - This relates to subdivision, and is issued by the Council once all the conditions of the planning permit have been satisfied. The Statement of Compliance once issued means the subdivision allotment has all the appropriate services, access and any other planning requirements finalised to enable its further development & registration. A Plan of Subdivision can't be registered without the Statement of Compliance having been satisfied.

Certificate of Occupancy - This relates to the development of a building. The Building Surveyor will issue the Certificate of Occupancy once the construction has been completed to a satisfactory level for the building to be occupied. This might issue prior to the completion of any development permit requirements that may be required by the planning permit, as the Building Surveyor's areas or concern only relates to the building construction, not external issues like landscaping, garden sheds, clotheslines etc that may still be of concern to Council under the Development Planning Permit.

Different regions and different Council areas may use slightly different terminolgy from the above, but what is important is too understand the terminology being used and for which component of the project that these plans relate.

Posted: Fri 26 Apr 2024


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