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Earthworks in Yarra Ranges Rural Areas

Planning Amendment C97 inadvertently removed from the Schedule to Clause 51.03 permit requirements in relation to earthworks. This earlier amendment had enabled earthworks to occur in the rural areas of the Shire up to 1m in height/depth without triggering planning permit considerations. This had resulted in some properties taking the opportunity to place Clean Land Fill  earthworks across their properties without requirement for planning permit.

Planning Amendment C166 has been recently approved by the Planning Minister & adopted into the Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme. This re-introduces the Earthwork Planning Permit triggers into the  Schedule of Clause 51.03, meaning Earthworks in excess of 1m height, and/or earthworks which exceed 4000m² in area (irrespective of height) will again trigger planning permit consideration. This amendment came into effect on 29/08/2019.

If you are considering Clean Land Fill Earthworks, or are in the process of Clean Land Fill earthworks on your property, I recommend contacting Council to determine the effect of this recent planning amendment to your proposal. My office could assist with any planning application, should it be required.

Posted: Thu 19 Sep 2019


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