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Restructure Plan Amendments - Proposed Planning amendment C177

Shire of Yarra Ranges is proposing amendments to the Restructure Overlay Plan Maps & Incorporated documents. Submissions to Council are due to be lodged by Tuesday 14th January 2020.

Council's Proposed amendment C177 documentation can be found vide the following link.


One area Thomas & George P/L has identified of concern is the proposed variation of a reference in the incorporated document of "Dwelling Entitlement" to a more cautiously worded "Potential Dwellings allowed by the Restructure Overlay" , as detailed in Council's Background Report (section 4.3, Page 8). This change may be of significant detriment to currently undeveloped restructure allotments, as it may result in the need to justify a dwelling entitlement for the land with any future application. Some allotments if consolidated to accord with a Restructure Overlay lot may still be refused a permit for a dwelling as a a result of this change in wording, whereas the current "Dwelling Entitlement" reference assures these consolidated sites of opportunity for development of a dwelling, subject to planning permit consideration of design/siting etc. Thomas & George P/L doesn't support such a change to the Restructure Overlay provisions wording, and recommends the retention of reference to "Dwelling Entitlement".

Many of the proposed changes appear to be generally a positive amendment to the Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme if adopted, but there are also some areas for concern. Thomas & George P/L have not had opportunity to thoroughly fully review the proposed Amendment C177 currently being exhibited by Council, and recommend affected parties undertake their own assessment and submission to Council by tomorrow 14th January 2020, being Council's cut-off date for submissions.

Posted: Mon 13 Jan 2020


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