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Yarra Ranges Planning Amendments C148 & C195

Planning Amendments C148 & C195 have resulted in significant changes to the format of the Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme, and various policy direction within the Scheme.

The introduction of the Amendments were in conjunction with each other, but this means that the tracking of the policy changes is not as streamlined to navigate as other previous Planning Amendments.

Our office has been navigating and reviewing these recent changes, and the principles of Council's "Dwellings in Green Wedge Areas" is still contained within the Planning Scheme, albeit now no longer as the single policy Clause 22.02 introduced in Amendment C148, but deleted under Amendment C195 with the policy redistributed into various sections of the Planning Scheme.

Table 1 in Clause 02.03-1 relating to Settlement defines the three rural land classifications of:

  • Productive Agricultural Areas (generally rural lots >4 ha in intensively cultivated areas, or >10ha in other areas)
  • Rural Landscape Areas (generally rural lots > 2 hectares)
  • Rural Residential Areas (generally rural lots between 0.1 ha and 2 ha)

There are also other significant Council policy updates which have resulted as part of these recent Planning amendments.

New significant Landscape Overlays have been applied to the Rural Land within the Shire, with these changing some of the permit trigger requirements.

Any person contemplating works on their property is encouraged to verify with Council to ensure what works trigger planning permit (if any), prior to commencement.

Posted: Thu 23 Feb 2023


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