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Warburton Mountain Bike Destination Project

Yarra Ranges Council continues to progress the Warburton Mountain Biking Destination (Warburton MTBD) project.  Updates on this project's progress can be found on the following link.


I have undertaken land surveying in the Warburton area for nearly 25 years. The terrain and landscape surrounding the town is perfectly suited to the establishment of a first class Mountain Biking destination, that will likely attract both day & overnight mountain biking enthusiasts. I consider this project can be undertaken in a balanced environmentally sensitive manner, given the small width of the single track trails as proposed.

As with any project of this size, there will be differing views within the community. All views should be carefully considered, and the project amended where issues of significance are identified, and these issues balanced against all competing planning, economic or environmental outcomes. No project (irrespective of size) is perfect - Assessment of merit should be about if the impacts are detrimentally significant or if they can be appropriately managed.

Yarra Ranges Council is currently undertaking public exhibition of the comprehensive Environmental Effects Statement (EES) compiled in regards to the project, which covers many aspects in relation to the project. The EES can be accessed vide the following link.


Whether you are in support or in opposition of this significant project, I would encourage you to review this comprehensive EES assessment as prepared, and make a submission as appropriate to Council.

Posted: Mon 29 Nov 2021


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